EPIC dragon painter

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[Implicit Faith]

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Rocks and sea… et hop!!….un petit art concept pour vous tous =)



Lion Hat [I.S M.I.N.E]

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“Now painting is different. It’s something recollected in tranquility.”

Jack Levine

Bluebird story….

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“A child who does not play is not a child, but the man who doesn’t play has lost forever the child who lived in him and who he will miss terribly.”

Pablo Neruda.


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Forever and a night….

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and now birds are singing pretty little songs….

[Blessing of music] and [Happy new year to all of you]

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Con algunos dias de atraso doy la bienvenido a este año 2012, y aprovecho de desear un feliz año nuevo a todas las almas silenciosas que revisan este blog. Les dejo este primer post del año con este paisajes arenoso. Prometo mas ilustraciones (en la medida de lo posible)para este año.

With some delay i welcome this new year, and i also wish a happy new year to all those quiet lurkers who come to check this lonely corner from time to time. I leave my very first entry of the year with this sandy background… I promess to post more artowrk during this current year…hope you all have a terrific year and meet all your goals…